Intersections is a performance research lecture series aimed at facilitating a collision course between research, process and performance. Encouraging dialogue among the different artistic disciplines, the platform will bring together practitioners and/or researchers to investigate, question, critique and collaborate on performance practices and forms in the context of the contemporary world today. Participants have the flexibility of determining how their critical discourse with collaborators will be presented to a public audience. By opening a window on practice-led research processes to the public, we hope to provoke further dialogue and discussion, beyond the existing concept of performative space.

In this first instalment of the series titled Traditionally Speaking, Joint Artistic Director, Muhammad Noramin Bin Mohamed Farid, and fellow collaborator, Elizabeth Chan, will reflect on the experiences that have shaped their respective journeys as Malay and Chinese dance practitioners in Singapore. With support from their current PhD research on these forms, they will investigate what exactly are Chinese and Malay dance? What is Singaporean Malay and Chinese dance? How do the socio-political and historical trajectories of both forms intersect and interact? Let them be your guide in navigating how history has shaped what these traditional forms mean today...and what they mean tomorrow.


22-24 March 2018 / Centre 42 Black Box, Singapore