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Have you thought about producing your own dance or theatre work for the stage but not sure where to begin? 

Have you wondered what the role of a Producer entails?

This 5-session workshop is an introduction to the workings of the performing arts industry in Singapore with sessions looking into how venues operate, budgeting, funding opportunities and marketing a show.

Participants will get a chance to look at case studies, discuss and dissect sample budgets from actual productions and a

1-hour 1-on-1 consultation with the trainer, Shai.

Session Dates & Times:

Session #1: Monday, 2nd March- 7-10pm

Session #2: Wednesday, 4th March - 7-10pm

Session #3: Monday, 9th March - 7-10pm

Session #4: Wednesday, 11th March - 7-10pm

Session #5: Tuesday, 17th March - 7-10pm

Workshop Outline:

Session #1: Introduction & Context

Producing in Singapore, Roles & Responsibilities of a Producer,
The Role of the Producer in the Future of Singapore


Session #2: Programming & Venues

How Companies and Venues Programme, The Way Venues Work

Session #3: Budgeting & Fundraising

How to Budget, Funding Opportunities in Singapore, Sponsorship, Royalties, Licenses

Session #4: Marketing

Marketing a Show, Marketing & Design Copy, Using Social Media


Session #5: Presentation & Close

Participants' Pitch & Presentation  


Centre 42

42 Waterloo Street

Singapore 187951)

Workshop Fees:

$400 (General)

$350 (Student)

To register or for enquiries, email:

Trainer Bio:

Shai is a creative producer and arts educator from Singapore who is currently based in London. He holds an MA in Creative Producing from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He is also a TEDx Speaker (TEDxRoyalCentral School - Topic: "Diversifying, Diversity - Tomorrow's Theatre Today"). 

He founded and was the Artistic Director of Yellow Chair Productions and now serves as Joint Artistic Director of Bhumi Collective, which staged its debut production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016.

In the UK, his credits include: 
bhumi , Last of Their Generation (Edinburgh Fringe), Bunker Without Borders (The Bunker Theatre), PIAF 
(Charing Cross Theatre), everything that rises must dance (Resolution 2016)

In Singapore, his credits include:

Every Brilliant Thing, Ikan Girl (Bhumi Collective), The Last Five Years, Off Centre, Those Who Can't, Teach (Yellow Chair Productions), Lord of the Flies, Everything but the Brain (Sight Lines Productions)

Testimonials from previous edition:

"As long as you are involved in (or interested to be involved in) the performing arts - you should totally attend Shai's workshop whether or not you intend to go down the producing track as a career. The benefits are obvious if you do want to become a producer. Even if you don't want to become one, you will nonetheless leave the workshop with a nuanced appreciation of the staggering amount of behind-the-scenes work required to put up a performance from scratch. And knowing what the producing process broadly entails will go a long way in making your working relationships with everyone in the theatre much more pleasant." - Ke Weiliang

"I thought that the producing workshop was extremely insightful and helpful for me as a theatre practitioner, interested in creating works of my own. I really liked the way the workshop was run - there was a structure of things to be covered but it was still flexible enough to meet the needs of us, the participants. In addition, Shaiful's advice and experience as a theatre producer really opened my eyes to the realities of producing a show both in Singapore as well as internationally. It is not easy producing a show and it is so wonderful that a workshop like this exists because producing is not something one can study. It takes a lot of trial and error. And having someone like Shaiful share his producing mistakes and advice really makes this workshop very valuable for fellow theatre practitioners who are thinking of producing their own work or are just curious about what it takes to put a show up."  - Vanessa Toh

"I found this workshop by chance on the Yahoo Arts Group Page. A workshop on producing from my experience is quite a rare find. I was quick to sign up for it and was happy to find out that it was being facilitated by Mohamad Shaifulbahri, a known practitioner in the Singapore Circuit. My experience as a participant in this workshop has given me a new level of confidence when dealing with supposedly daunting areas such as budgeting and grant applications. It was well facilitated and the components were broken up and organized simply. Shaiful encouraged questions and crafted answers that were easily digestible for a beginning producer. I would encourage any actor/performing artist whom might be looking to transit into becoming an independent artist looking to stage his/her own work to attend a workshop like this." - Vignesh Singh

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