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We work with artists from different genres, forms and mediums to present new and original work responding to the state of the world through experimentation and exchange with other artists.

We offer a suite of services surrounding arts management and producing. These range from regional and international touring, general management, grant-writing, fundraising and strategic planning.

We build and maintain relationships with partners from around the world, furthering transnational communication and collaboration while seeking new opportunities and platforms for artists to present their works outside of their home countries.

Capability Development

We provide opportunities for artists, producers and researchers at various levels of experience interested in contemporary performance-making with platforms that aid in their growth and development.

We believe in providing them with the necessary conditions to nurture their practice and discover the myriad pathways which befit their respective journeys.



We start conversations, provoke responses, encourage investigation and champion reflection through performance lectures, residencies, workshops, talks and symposiums/conferences, supporting artists in engagement, debate and discourse about practice.

Inspired by the likes of Performing Lines (Australia), Fuel Theatre, Arts Admin and The Lowry (UK) which have become industry leaders in the areas of international producing, artist development and research, we see the importance for Bhumi Collective to play the pivotal roles of developing contemporary performance makers locally and to connect Singapore artists and projects with the rest of the world.

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