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yesterday it rained salt

Goodbyes are rarely good. And memories can be tricky things.

Azman returns to his island home only to be greeted by new sights and vanishing landmarks. Nothing seems familiar, until it starts to rain.

Written by Nabilah Said and choreographed by Norhaizad Adam, yesterday it rained salt combines text, dance and performance to explore the violence of departure and return, the comfort one can find in memory and rituals, and the relationships that men have.

Bhumi Collective presents the World Premiere of yesterday it rained salt at the m1 Singapore Fringe 2019.

An early iteration of yesterday it rained salt was presented at Bunker Theatre in London, United Kingdom, in October 2017.

yirs 1.jpg

yesterday it

rained salt

Production History

19 January 2019
Fringe Commission

m1 Singapore Fringe
World Premiere

Esplanade Annexe Studio, Singapore

Photography by Mark Benedict Cheong

yesterday it rained salt Reviews


"They are together in the space you created, but they couldn’t be further away from each other. Why? It is almost painful to see them continue talking to each other, still trying to understand each other. I see myself in both of them, different versions of selves trying to reconcile their differences.."
- Arts Equator


"...the subtle vulnerability between them is palpable. Yet their performances are based on

a beautiful stillness punctuated by emotive movement enacting abstract memories.."
- Fringe Review

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